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Every Christian has a story to tell. Maybe some have more stories than others, but every believer in Jesus has one story that really matters: how Jesus changed your life. Simple and real. Even if you are not “in the ministry” or if you feel like you have nothing to give on a missions trip to Europe, think again! Your specific story could be the very one that God uses to relate to one specific person in Europe.

If God has changed your life, then you have a story to tell. There are countless people in Europe who have never talked with one single Christian. You might be the first one. Your story might be the one that opens their heart to a new life in Jesus.

Here are some exciting testimonies from people who came to Europe with EI to tell their story:

Andre Schonfeld- Youth Pastor – CJO, Oranienburg, Germany:

It was a blessing to be a blessing. Recently I was a member of the European initiative outreach team to Romania, where we ministered to the Roma gypsies. I was challenged and encouraged, while experiencing firsthand how God brings light into hopeless places. The EI team met the gypsies' physical needs (clothes, shoes, groceries) and spiritual needs (praying, sharing testimonies, preaching the gospel). I was blessed! I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to serve with European Initiative.

Kathy Carlton – Businesswoman, Trophy Club, Texas:

I went on my first mission trip with EI to Tarnaveni, Romania, bringing coats and shoes to Gypsies. My heart was drawn to these impoverished people, seemingly stuck in a time warp from 100 years ago. The EI staff was amazing, the schedule went smoothly, all the while feeling the Holy Spirit guiding and directing our steps. I'm looking forward to going back.

Josh Briscoe – Young Adults and Guest Experience Pastor, Gateway Church, Grand Prairie, Texas:

I had the joy of leading a team to serve with EI, reaching the lost and hurting souls of Berlin. We prayed for many Berliners, and some of them came to salvation through receiving Jesus in their heart! EI is making an impact by reaching out to those who are waiting for someone to love them and share the good news. Can't wait for our next trip!

Caleb Lackey – Westlake Fellowship, Montgomery, Texas:

I will never forget about my stay in Berlin. We were able to minister to so many people through a drama, a dance, worship music, and preaching. This mission trip was so eye-opening. So many lives are being changed in the name of Jesus! Thank you, European Initiative, for allowing us to take part in this awesome experience.

Richard Harris – Charis Bible College, Colorado Springs, Colorado:

Our mission trip with EI was the experience of a lifetime and I will never forget it. We had heard that many people in Europe were atheists and I worried that it would be hard to present the Gospel. I found that the people are open and ready to receive. They are empty inside and dying in a sea of godlessness on the one hand and dead religion on the other. When the simple truth of the Gospel is shared with them it is amazing how ready they are to receive the life that Christ offers!

Robert Wiesner – Dallas Christian College, Dallas, Texas:

I could not believe how many people I met who had never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. I met a 29 year-old philosophy student who had never met anyone who believed in the Genesis creation account. There is desperate need for Gospel ministry there. I was greatly changed by my experience in Germany with EI and plan to get back there very soon.

Martin Stone – Charis Bible College, Colorado Springs, Colorado:

During our trip to Serbia & Hungary I had opportunities to share my testimony and pray for the sick after church services. I prayed for an elderly man in Serbia who was healed of a heart condition that kept him on pain medication. Thank you EI for the stirring my heart for Eastern Europe.

Kevin Evans – International Director, Cultivate Leadership, Shanghai, China:

It has been a great privilege for me to partner with European Initiative and founders, Jeff and Barb Serio. Because of their faith-filled, servant-hearted leadership, the Serios have established a bridge of partnership with the church across Europe to make Christ known and loved. Countless lives have been and will continue to be impacted because of EI. The gospel is the only hope for Europe and EI is living out the gospel there every day. May the Lord continue to work powerfully through the ministries of EI.

Tim Spadino – Charis Bible College, Colorado Springs, Colorado:

It was really cool to see how a short term mission trip can be extremely effective and make a sustainable difference when partnered with European Initiative. It wasn't only about getting the people saved but rather getting them connected and building relationships with the local churches. EI is like a bridge between short-term missions and long-term discipleship. Incredible experience!

Justin McCormick – Charis Bible College, Colorado Springs, Colorado:

During my time in Berlin, I noticed that most people had everything; nice clothes, nice cars, nice appearance, etc. However, I soon realized they were empty on the inside. As I explained Jesus to them, some accepted and others rejected my words. Neither the Germans or I will ever be the same. EI and the people of Germany will forever be in my heart.

Genny Wyles – Valley Creek Church, Flower Mound, Texas:

Berlin is really the key to Germany! People from 192 nations live in the city and less than 1% of them know Jesus. It is truly a city that needs the light and love of Jesus. Will you consider joining EI for a short-term trip? Your life will never be the same!

Greg Strange – Valley Creek Church, Flower Mound, Texas:

The trip to Berlin was a profound confirmation of God's work in action. However, spiritually, the country is very dark.  There are just not enough of God's soldiers on the ground spreading the Good News. The people in Berlin are so hungry to hear the Word of God. That is why European Initiative is making such a huge impact in helping expand the Kingdom.

Richard Pferdner – Valley Creek Church, Flower Mound, Texas:

We were able to share the gospel with atheists, Muslims and Buddhists, many of which had never heard of our Lord before. Several received Jesus as their Savior. We met courageous and committed brothers and sisters in Christ that are bringing hope and victory to the streets of Berlin.

Megan Horton – Well of Life Church, Mineral Wells, Texas:

Our visit to Berlin opened my eyes to the intense need for spiritual awakening in this dark nation. The people are in desperate need of the light of the gospel. Sharing the hope of Jesus on the streets of Berlin was truly a life-changing and faith-building experience.

Eric Hinton – Director of Student Life, Dallas Christian College, Dallas, Texas:

I have brought college students to Germany through European Initiative for the past two years. Europe offers a different kind of mission trip. While we do not encounter the economic poverty that we experience on other trips, the spiritual starvation is epidemic. In Germany, my teams have discovered God’s desperate love for humanity.

Cedric Israel – Worship Director, Valley Creek Church, Flower Mound, Texas:

I have taken several trips to Berlin with EI and each time my life has been significantly impacted. I’ve met many people that were hardened because of the devastating impacts of secularism, atheism, and communism.  I also saw many of these same people respond with open hearts to the great news of Jesus Christ and the salvation He brings.

Abby Feldhacker – Charis Bible College, Colorado Springs, Colorado:

My time in Berlin was a real eye opener to the need for Jesus in Berlin. The amount of people who had never even heard of Jesus was enormous. Even though Berlin may not be in poverty like some third world countries their spiritual poverty was heartbreaking. Thank you EI for all that you are doing in Berlin for the people.

Luiz Oliveira – Missions Coordinator, Eastern Heights Church, Cleburne, Texas:

It is impossible to fully understand the level of darkness in Europe by simply reading statistics. A few days of "boots on the ground" with EI turned statistics into a dark and sobering reality. If not for EI and those like them, the European rocks would be crying out for God's love.

Krista Wenzel – The Family Church, Alexandria, MInnesota:

My time with EI changed my view from looking at the depressing statistics of Christianity in Germany and Europe to seeing individuals who are literally given hope simply by the Gospel being given to them. Between talking with the people at Alexander Platz and worshiping at the Brandenburg Gate, I learned that the people in Europe are searching for the Truth and EI is bringing Jesus to their front doors.

Kate Denlinger – Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion Indiana:

I was given an incredible opportunity to travel with my volleyball team and work with EI to reach out to the city of Berlin. The experience opened my eyes to the desperation of people across the world, and God has given me hope to share with those who have none. We were able to plant seeds in Berlin, and I have no doubt that God will continue to use EI to water those seeds!

Nicole Funderburg – Valley Creek Church, Flower Mound, Texas:

My time in Berlin with EI not only changed my heart but it change my life. I got the opportunity to share my love for Jesus with so many non-believers who wanted to know more about our wonderful Savior. Europe has a special place in my heart and every time I am called to go serve there again I know that God is going to touch so many lives.

Brian Brown – Trinity Church, Dallas, Texas:

I have been to many places all over the world, but no place or people ever grabbed hold of my heart quite like Berlin.  I see clearly that God is moving in that city in a way that is unprecedented. I am also thankful to EI for being the catalyst through which God has called my whole family into full time missions in Berlin.  We eagerly look forward to returning to labor in the harvest field for more than just short term.

Nate Grimm – The Mill, Northern Hills Christian Church, Brighton, Colorado:

When I first traveled to Berlin to assist European Initiative, I was decently hesitant to share my faith in such an open manner. However, as soon as our team arrived, I had a true vigor and passion to share God’s amazing story with these lost people that were filled with so much spiritual darkness. God truly misses his children in Europe, and I can’t wait to again join with EI as they continue to dramatically change the spiritual course of Berlin and Europe as a whole.

Marcy Roberts – Dallas Christian College, Dallas, Texas:

When preparing to go to Berlin I heard many statistics that said there were not many Christians. I honestly could not believe them, but as soon as I got to Berlin I saw they were true. Berlin needs the light of God, and EI is doing just that. I loved my time with EI.

Jayne Foss – Trinity Church Dallas, Texas:

I had the privilege of going to Berlin with EI. It was the most amazing experience of my life! Yes, there is so much darkness, but it was as if the hungry souls there were just drawn to the light of Jesus… they want to hear about hope!

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