Upcoming Trips

It is never too early to begin making plans to come to Europe on a mission trip with EI. Throughout the year, EI offers many different opportunities for short-term ministry in many different European nations. God is calling believers from all around the world to bring His life-changing power to Europe!

There are two ways you can join EI on a short-term mission trip. You can be a part of a team from your own church, university, home group, or ministry. EI will develop a specific itinerary for your team that will enable your group to be as spiritually effective as possible.

You can also make plans to come by yourself and let EI connect you with others who have expressed interest in the same trip. Once on the ground in Europe you will become part of a united team with the purpose to bring spiritual change to Europe.

The first step is to fill out the application form, specifying the trips that interest you the most. An EI representative will contact you soon after your application is received.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime—we hope to see you soon on the ground in Europe!

Please note that dates and costs are subject to change. Airfare estimates are based on USA departures.


Date: January 12-20, 2019


Benevolence, Teaching, Evangelism and Prayer. Transylvania, Romania is home to the most impoverished Gypsy population in Europe. Emphasis: benevolence ministry to Gypsies and providing training for the foster children and women in the Buckner children’s home. In addition, the team will minister in the public school.


Date: February - May (multiple teams)


Emphasis on prayer. Intercede for a new reformation in Germany at four important historical German cities: Berlin, Leipzig, Wittenberg, and Herrnhut. Wittenberg is the home of Martin Luther and the birthplace of the Reformation. Herrnhut is the site of the Moravian Revival and the 100-year prayer movement.  Leipzig is an important medieval city and was a catalyst for the 1989 uprising against communism.  Leipzig has a dark side as it annually hosts the world’s largest Gothic Festival. Berlin is the German capital and one of the most strategic cities in all of Europe.

Subotica, Serbia

Date: February - November


Benevolence, Teaching, Evangelism and Prayer. War-torn Serbia is impoverished physically and spiritually. Emphasis is twofold: benevolence ministry to impoverished Gypsies and encouraging Christians in northern Serbia.  There will be opportunities to teach/preach and serve in churches with adults, youth groups, and children. Evangelism opportunities during spring/summer. Possibly take a 2-day trip to Novi Sad or Belgrade for evangelism and ministry with a church in an urban setting.

Madrid, Spain

Date: February - June (multiple teams)


Spain has left its Catholic roots in masses and has become the capital of post-modernism for the vast Spanish speaking world.  Less than 1% of Spaniards identify themselves as evangelicals. EI teams will connect with Madrid churches and ministries to participate in evangelism in plazas and parks. Other opportunities include children’s ministry, prayer and blessing the poor. Basic Spanish language skills are preferred but not required.  Translators provided.

Berlin and Leipzig, Germany

Date: June 06-13, 2019


Evangelism and Prayer - Leipzig, Germany hosts the world’s largest Gothic Festival annually during the spring.  EI has mobilized teams to Leipzig for three consecutive years and will do so again in 2017.  More than 20,000 Goths from Europe and the world descend on Leipzig each spring to celebrate their unique lifestyle and beliefs.  EI partners with local churches to walk thru the festival praying and meeting Goths, talking about their spiritual perspectives, sharing the gospel. At the conclusion of the festival the team will travel 90 minutes to Berlin by train and will spend 3 days of ministry in the German capital.

Prague, Czech Republic

Date: April - September (multiple teams)


Czech Republic is one of the world’s least evangelized nations and is known for its extremely high percentages of atheism.  EI partners with local churches in Prague. Opportunities include, urban creative arts evangelism, ministry to children and teens in an English language camp, and ministry to the Jewish community.  Possible opportunities in Liberec, Czech Republic as well. Translators provided.

Warsaw, Poland

Date: April – September (multiple teams)


Emphasis is on creative arts evangelism in downtown Warsaw and smaller towns in the outlying area. Possible teaching/preaching opportunities with a large Warsaw church and a smaller church an hour outside of the city. Prayer walks thru the former Jewish ghetto. Opportunities for youth ministry.  Translators provided.

Berlin, Germany

Date: April - July (multiple teams)


Evangelism – Berlin is one of the world’s spiritually darkest cities, with less than 1% of its nearly 4 million citizens evangelical Christians.  EI partners with several churches and German based ministries to reach the lost with the love of Jesus Christ.  Our evangelism teams will consist of Americans, Germans, and international believers.  We will use diverse means to bring the gospel from East Berlin to West Berlin.  Creative arts, worship, preaching, surveys and other methods will be utilized to bring the good news to Berliners. Possible ministry opportunities of service, blessing the poor, blessing the Jewish community, prayer and teaching may also be available.

Budapest, Hungary

Date: April - October (multiple teams)


EI will connect with a local Budapest church for urban evangelism in the capital city.  Budapest is home to nearly 2 million Hungarians, the vast majority of whom do not believe in Jesus Christ. Americans, Hungarians and other internationals will form a team that will preach, worship and perform creative arts ministries at local transportation hubs.  Opportunities to minister to children, to the Jewish people and to the poor are also available. Translators will be provided.

Brussels, Belgium

Date: April - September (multiple teams)


Brussels is the capital of the European Union, and is the political center of Europe. Post-modernism and a rapidly growing Muslim community have diminished Christianity in Belgium.  Less than 1% of Belgians identify themselves as evangelicals. EI teams will connect with local churches and ministries to participate in evangelism in city squares. EI teams will also connect with a prayer ministry in Brussels. Other opportunities include youth ministry, and ministry to prostitutes. Basic French language skills are preferred but not required.  Translators provided.

Zagreb, Croatia

Date: July - September (multiple teams)


The war-torn Balkans are Europe’s most impoverished region and home to large Gypsy and Muslim populations. EI teams coming to Croatia and the Balkans will serve the poor; immigrants-refugees and will have opportunities to evangelize, pray and teach. Translators are provided.