A Life Interrupted


As I walked out of the train station in Cologne, Germany, I felt the Holy Spirit once again tug on my heart to stop and talk to the twenty-something year old woman sitting on the concrete, begging for money. Her clothes were tattered, her eyes…

Surging in Europe


Allow European Initiative to ask you that question as well. What ARE you doing this summer? If you don't have summer plans but have a desire to do something really big and important for God's kingdom, then SURGE might be just the thing you are…

Princesses, Superheroes and Goths


"Initially, I was intimidated by the Goths' creepy appearances. However, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see that beneath the veneer was a person who, just like me, was created in the image of God. Once I stepped out and began to speak with…

Tearing Down Walls


Walls are still standing in Germany. Yet in a few weeks an EI team will be introducing Europeans to the One who can tear down these walls…

“Gott ist doof”


Last month, my daughter noticed this magazine looming at the grocery store checkout stand here in Berlin:

The very clear headline translates, "God is stupid."

The multi-page article describes the mess of religion in the world today--noting the Charlie Hebdo murders, the crisis in the…

50 Reasons


50 Reasons to Come to Europe with European Initiative

Maybe you’ve thought about it before. Maybe you have seen the videos, heard the testimonies and feel the pull. Maybe this is your year to actually do something about it! Come to Europe and serve with…

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