A Dream Come True

Korina Wells

About two years ago, I took a small group leader's class. When it was my turn to introduce myself I felt that awkward moment we all face when we've stated our names, but our purpose for joining that particular class escapes our minds and we draw a blank. Fortunately for me, I'm a talker. I spoke about my love for drama ministry. I felt my heart swell as I explained that I felt called to teach teams of people to perform street dramas in front of large crowds. In my opinion, sharing about Jesus and His love through the performing arts is one of the best way to touch a person’s heart. After class, I met a man named Daniel. He told me he felt called to lead a mission’s team to Germany. He said while I was speaking, he knew that I was meant to be on this team.

Before, when I thought of going on a mission’s trip, I always thought it would be to a Spanish speaking country. My Spanish was a little rusty, but I felt I understood it well enough to get around easily. I knew nothing of the German language other than" Danke Schoen" (thank you, Ferris Bueller). However, I told Daniel that I would pray about it and talk to my husband. After praying, I told Daniel that both my husband and I would love to join his team! He introduced us to Jeff Serio and over coffee, Jeff explained the spiritual situation in Germany. The more he described the hearts of the people and how they felt that God was not needed, the more I felt pulled to go. As time went on and our team formed, the dramas came together. I was filled with gratitude as my dream turned into a reality. During the two years we were discussing and planning for Germany, I had another baby. We decided to take my sweet baby girl on the trip and she became the youngest missionary our church has ever had.

Traveling to Germany was an adventure and I was filled with excitement just thinking about all the people we would meet. Cologne was so beautiful and our first day was amazing! Every flash mob we danced and every drama we performed drew a crowd. We prayed and cried (mostly me) for complete strangers.  Afterward, gratitude could be seen on their expressions. I did not expect that. Out of all the many wonderful experiences I had throughout Germany, one stands out the most.

In Berlin, it was a particularly hot day and I had danced in the scorching sun until my legs hurt. Little pebbles were embedded in my arm from falling on the ground while performing. I was grouchy. I was tired. I felt like I hit a wall. Despite my feelings, I still went out to speak to a family with another team member named Alex. We approached them with smiles--although mine was forced. As we started talking to them, we realized they only spoke Spanish. I perked up a little. All the years of conversations with my Spanish grandmother when I was a little girl, were about to pay off.

Remember when I said I was rusty? Yeah, it was worse than I thought. As I stuttered my way through the conversation, I felt a slight panic and silently prayed for the Lord to help me. Suddenly, I felt the Holy Spirit cover me. I just opened my mouth and the words flowed out. I said words that to this day I still have to look up in Google Translate . How did I know how to speak fluent Spanish in a matter of moments? How was I able to quote any scripture or discuss the importance of Jesus's sacrifice in an entirely different language? I was shocked and yet so filled with joy. The Lord helped me! He used me despite my bad attitude. Then I realized, it wasn't about me. It was about them. He wanted me to tell that Spanish family how much He loves them. In that moment, I was honored to be chosen to be His voice. The family talked and laughed with us as if we’d been friends for years. They told us they were Catholics, but had stopped going to church. When Alex and I told them how much the Lord loved them and wanted to have a deeper relationship with them, one of the women grew misty eyed. She said, "I know this in my heart." As Alex and I walked away we felt great joy and excitement. We couldn't stop talking about what God did in all of our lives that day.