Haitians in our Prayers

Jeff Serio, International Director

Speaking for everyone at EI, our thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of Haiti, who have endured incredible suffering resulting from the recent earthquake. Our prayer is that those who mourn would be comforted (Matt 5:4). May the God of all comfort, heal the thousands of broken hearts fighting for survival across Haiti.

Sudden tragedies like this one are reminders that life on this earth is fragile at best. I pray that what has happened in Haiti would cause all of us to consider that our lives on this earth are very temporary. God has a purpose for each life, let each one be lived to know Him and please Him. Each day is truly a gift from God.

Even before the devastation of this earthquake, Haiti was considered the poorest of the poor in the western hemisphere. This week, EI will travel to Romania, the EU’s poorest nation. We will go to Romania to bring blankets, coats, scarves, and other items to the Gypsies in the frigid mountainous Transylvania region. If the Haitians are the “least of these” in the Americas, the Gypsies are the same in Europe. We go to help them in a practical way, hoping that their hearts will be open to believe in the light of the world - Jesus.