Hulking it up in Hungary

Jeff Serio, International Director

Question: What is green, over-the-top obnoxious, and beloved by children in Eastern Europe?
Answer: The Charis Bible College (CBC) version of the Incredible Hulk!

Personified by 2nd year student, Martin Stone, the green comic character came to life and brought smiles to hundreds of kids, while proclaiming that Jesus is the ultimate superhero.

European Initiative invited a team from CBC to Hungary and Serbia for an action packed 9 days of ministry in November. One of the focal points of the trip was to minister to kids and teens in villages, churches and even public schools. Before planning our programs we asked our eastern European contacts if the kids, even in remote Gypsy villages, would know about American superheroes - the answer was yes! The CBC staff and students got busy and put together a creative array of superhero presentations featuring Batman, Superman and The Incredible Hulk.

Although the kids loved all three, it was the gregarious Hulk who hammed it up and stole their hearts. The green-painted face, bushy eyebrows, eccentric expressions, and ballooned muscles, all jelled together into a lovable superhero. In the superhero skit, fellow CBC student Saleena Bellamy, played the part of a young girl who encountered a menacing foe, tempting her to succumb to her sinful nature. Just in a nick of time, the Hulk and his superhero friends appeared and rescued Saleena from her oppressor!

The skit concluded with one of the superhero performers explaining to the kids that there is a “real” superhero, Jesus, who has already provided for their every need! A salvation message followed and everywhere we went, dozens of kids responded to the gospel!

Through the years, EI has utilized many creative means to bring the love of Christ to Europeans. Whether hip-hop dances, contemporary dramas, classical concerts, ballet, or even an illusionist, we thought we had covered it all. But the Hulk lit up hearts across Eastern Europe, showing us that “going green” is great for the gospel.