Spiritual Paramedics

Caleb Braun

During my recent mission trip I felt like we were spiritual paramedics, on a rescue mission to save souls. The following paragraph is an impression I had about the work we were doing:

“My mind was spinning and the faces of lost men were seared into my memory. We ran, we pushed, we fought—but did I do enough? There were more! We cried, “Come with us! You don't have to die! Please!” We snatched the willing out of the fire, yet we couldn't save them all. Some fell into the flames, but many—yes, many—were brought out! But for those who weren’t willing to come, we watched in horror as the flames consumed them. Still, many were saved-they were injured by the fire, but they were alive! With hope in our hearts, we took them to a safe zone for immediate medical attention. They would live, but were momentarily in gut wrenching pain. Our hearts ached for them, but we had hope. Others were still burning in the fires set ablaze around the world, so it was time for our rescue efforts to continue elsewhere.”

Never before have I felt like I was contending for souls as I did when my team and I visited Hungary, Ukraine, and Serbia.  My heart ached for these people as I saw the effects of oppression that darkened their faces. But I knew that the life-changing message of Jesus Christ could break through the darkness

In several public schools, I had the opportunity to share about my relationship with God. I explained how I enjoyed running with God, practicing martial arts with Him, and just spending time with Him.  I shared how God's heart is to be their friend, and share their interests as well. Many had never heard anything like this before. I could see their hearts were open to the idea of a friendship with God.

The ease of developing a friendship with God was the key to these children's salvation. Several times, when we gave an invitation for salvation, my heart leapt as ten, twelve, and as many as fifteen students gave their hearts to Jesus!   As students received Christ, it felt like I was snatching burning victims out of a fire one by one. But I was saddened by the others who didn't want to receive Jesus. There is much more work to do!

But my joy is eternal. I am overwhelmingly thankful for my new brothers and sisters who will be in Heaven with me. What would have happened if my team and I hadn't answered the call to come? What would have happened if we had said no to God? I thank God that He brought us to Eastern Europe and that He worked through us mightily.

I am so very thankful for European Initiative and the opportunity to partner with them and contend for the souls of men. EI is truly changing the continent of Europe. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. I pray that others would answer the call to bring in the harvest alongside European Initiative.