Terrorists in Berlin

Jeff Serio, International Director

I am writing with an urgent prayer request. Germany, and specifically Berlin, has been under a high terrorist alert.  Fox News, CNN and Germany’s Der Spiegel (English) homepages reported last week that 2 members of an Al Qaeda cell are in Berlin and that an attack is imminent.  Please read the following links for more info:

According to Der Spiegel, Germany has never faced such a heightened alert supported by concrete evidence.  The gov’t has even closed off the Reichstag (Parliament Building) fearing it could be a terrorist target.  Also mentioned as possible targets are the famous German Christmas markets, which opened this weekend to large crowds.  The Serios and Lankenaus hope to visit them in the coming weeks. The subway is another target, which we use almost everyday.

I just returned from a trip to the USA last week and within 5 minutes of re-entry to Frankfurt’s airport, all the passengers on our flight were herded off to a restricted area of the airport because of a bomb scare.  That woke us up! Fortunately nothing happened, but it was an anxious moment for all of us.

The rise of terrorist activity in Europe is a sober reminder that the world is in need of a spiritual awakening.  May I ask for your prayers for the European Initiative Berlin team and the safety of Germany?  We know that God has called us here to be a light during these turbulent times.  Thanks so much for your heart for the mission of European Initiative and our welfare.