Thankful Hearts

Jeff Serio, International Director

Thank you. I believe a distinguishing quality of Christians is an overriding gratefulness; a gratefulness that supersedes circumstances. Philippians 4:6 speaks of a level of trust and thankfulness towards God that remains steadfast even “in everything”.  I am truly grateful for the army of Christians God has raised up to partner with European Initiative. We could not do what we do without this army of prayer warriors, givers, and front-lines fighters committed to standing with us – in everything. By His grace, we are unwavering in our commitment to bring His extraordinary love to a broken continent.

From January until now EI was on the move as we mobilized a steady stream of teams across Europe, bringing the gospel to tens of thousands. With the winter holidays approaching, one might think that we are catching our breath and taking it down a notch. That is not the EI way! Finishing strong is what EI is all about.

From mid-November until mid-December, we will be in one of the busiest times of the entire year. The EI staff and incoming USA teams will be on the ground in Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Croatia and Ukraine. Just in time for Christmas, we will bring hundreds of gifts to kids in Ukraine. Imagine children in the western world being excited to receive a Christmas gift bag containing a pencil and pen, notebook paper, a pair of socks, an apple and a piece of chocolate. Children in this war-torn nation will literally jump for joy to receive these humble gifts.

Additionally, our USA teams will perform a powerful, evangelistic, Christmas drama in busy transportation hubs in the capital cities of Zagreb and Budapest. In Budapest, we will also share the gospel and build relationships with public school students. This will be our 7th consecutive year to bring Jesus into public schools in this former Communist nation – it is a stunning opportunity.

 In Serbia, we will deliver essential food staples to impoverished Roma villages. We will also purchase firewood for several of the most destitute families. The firewood is used in “turn of the century” wood burning stoves that are the source of cooking and heating in the tiny, one-room shanties. Without wood, there is no possibility to cook. Without wood, the people freeze.

Again, I find myself filled with thankfulness as I think of what God has made possible because of those of you who said “yes”. Yes to giving. Yes to coming. Yes to praying. To everyone who said yes, I pray you experience a growing awareness of the goodness of God in your life. He is good and by His great grace we are able to extend His goodness to countless lives who are just beginning to discover His love and joy for themselves.