The Prodigal Daughter

Emma Luecke

A shepherd. A woman. A father.

While these three might seem completely unrelated, in Luke 17 Jesus uses each of these individuals to reveal His heart for the lost. The shepherd left all within his fold to search for his one sheep that had wandered away. The woman was relentless and determined in the search for her lost coin. The father never stopped watching and waiting for the day when his wayward son would return home. Over two thousand years ago, He left all to come after us.

This past summer in Berlin, I discovered that God is still relentless in His pursuit of the people He created. The following is the story of a prodigal who discovered that God is still that Father waiting with open arms for His child to come home:

The music faded and the street drama came to a close. Two team members and I went into the crowd of people who had gathered in hopes of starting a conversation. It was there that we met two college-aged girls, “Anna” and “Sophie.” Anna excitedly told us that she, too, was a Christian. Her eyes sparkled with joy and excitement as she told us of her faith and how she had been sharing it for years with her friend, Sophie. But Sophie still hadn't given her life to Jesus. Sophie was tall, beautiful and sweet, but somewhat reserved. Her dark brown eyes seemed to reflect a great weight and sadness. As we began to talk and ask her questions, it wasn't long before we learned that Sophie struggled with the message of God's unconditional love for her. Whatever she had done in her past had left her believing that there was no way Jesus could truly love, forgive, and save her. We began to share of the torture, stripes, and nails that Jesus bore for her. We explained that His sacrifice was so great and that the shedding of His innocent blood was more than enough to cover any and all sin.


During this time the Holy Spirit was obviously doing a work in Sophie's heart. When we were through sharing, we asked Sophie if she believed what we said was true and if she wanted to give her life to Jesus. Much to our excitement, she said yes! Almost immediately I heard the Holy Spirit speaking that the honor and privilege of praying with Sophie did not belong to me, or the two others with me. It belonged to Anna—the one who had been so faithful to plant and water the seed sown in Sophie's heart throughout their friendship. As soon as we asked, Anna agreed to lead Sophie in a prayer for her salvation. With tears in her eyes she pulled Sophie into her arms. It was there, with the two friends embracing in the open square at Brandenburg Gate, that I had the incredible privilege of witnessing a German leading another German to the Lord. I think the memory of this miracle will forever be ingrained in my heart and mind. I pray and believe for the day when it will be common to hear of Germans leading other Germans to Jesus all throughout their country. In the meantime, I believe the Father is still rejoicing that another prodigal found her way home.