The Time Is Now


No one in humanity is promised his next breath.  Life is a precious gift from God.  Ask any parent you know about the experience of gazing upon a newborn as he takes his first breath - it is nothing short of a miracle!  Yet so often we find ourselves expecting another moment… another day… another weekend… more years to come.  This is why news reports of children or teenagers tragically losing their lives at a young age tend to grip the hearts of many. It leaves us asking the question, “Why was that life cut so short?”

Psalm 90:10 - “For soon … [life] is gone and we fly away.”

Europe is a continent of over 750 million people with less than 2% professing an active relationship with Jesus Christ.  Stop to think about that for a moment…this means that 735 million PEOPLE are without their Savior. I’m not ok with that! Over the past four years of living and ministering in Europe, I have had thousands of conversations, but can count on one hand the number of people who had a pre-existing relationship with Jesus before I spoke with them.  One can even ask, “Is it possible to say that Europe has become an unreached people group?” This continent is not only Post-Christian….it is so far gone, it is now Pre-Christian!  Many Europeans have personally stated to me, “This idea of a God who really loves me and died for me is a new concept.”

To live life to the fullest in the grace of Christ’s calling is the most fulfilling thing any person can do.  As I reflect upon what God has called European Initiative to do and the numerous teams we have mobilized to Europe in 2013, I truly stand in awe!  The many “God Moments” we experienced as lives intersected His love, were absolutely stunning.

“God Moments” are often within our grasp in a flash of brilliance for a brief second, but then are gone. I’m literally brought to tears as I recall this past year’s ministry events: lives that were impacted by the Kingdom of God, thousands of Europeans introduced to Jesus, and hundreds of hearts brought to salvation!

The Time Is Now to bring the light and love of Jesus Christ to a people group without hope!  The Time Is Now to stand and proclaim God’s love in the midst of great spiritual darkness!  The Time Is Now to take back Europe!

European Initiative is standing in the Now!