Why am I here?

Leslie Shivers, Ballet Magnificat

That was the question I asked God when I first arrived in Zagreb, Croatia. 

I had traveled to Croatia with Ballet Magnificat. Our dance company was partnering with European Initiative, doing performances in the streets and engaging in conversations afterward. Upon our arrival, I learned that our "performances" would actually be much different than what we were used to—our "stage" would be the concrete in the city square, the "dressing room" was a tent, and the forecast looked questionable I was excited about the chance to spread the gospel in a new way, but I really wasn't sure how God wanted to use our ballet company here. That first night I asked God for direction and clarity.

As we began our performances in the streets the next day, I started to see how God was answering my prayers. He held the rain back, He drew crowds of people around the square, and He set up powerful witnessing opportunities after each show.  As I danced under the sun God had created, I had a sense that I was exactly where I was supposed to be—and that I was somehow part of something very important in the spiritual realm.  As I looked into the eyes of the people gathered around, God reminded me how much He loved them, that He died for them, and that He wanted to use me to reach them. What an honor.

God is sovereign.  My experience in Zagreb with EI was a good reminder that God rewards obedience.  As our ballet company stepped out in faith, God answered in ways we never would have expected.