Missions Mobilizers

European Initiative mobilizes Christians to partner with European churches and ministries in order to advance God’s Kingdom in this lost continent. As we direct teams and individuals to minister in Europe, we have two overriding purposes: to reach the lost and to equip the church.

Teams are usually short-term and arrive with a specific ministry focus coinciding with one or more of EI’s five initiatives: evangelism, compassion, teaching, prayer, and Jewish ministry. We strategically connect each visiting team, with its unique purposes and strengths, to like-minded European churches and ministries.

Bringing life to spiritually dying Europe requires some out-of-the-box thinking. EI teams have diverse assignments and minister in a wide range of venues.  We engage in many creative forms of unconventional ministry. Some of our strategic plans include bringing humanitarian aid to impoverished Eastern European countries, ministering at large secular festivals, dancing in busy open city squares, engaging in sports ministry and performing powerful dramas to crowds of hundreds. All ministry activities are designed with the purpose to impact different facets of European society with the good news of Jesus Christ. EI teams are willing to go to the cities, towns, and remote villages to reach the lost.

In addition to mobilizing teams, EI invites Christian pastors, leaders, and teachers to help equip and encourage European believers. This is primarily accomplished through conferences, seminars, workshops and teaching at Bible schools. European Initiative also mobilizes skilled musicians and artists to come to Europe to share the gospel in culturally relevant settings.

There are many opportunities developing throughout Europe to serve with EI and its partner ministries in short-term or long-term capacities. Click Here for more information on missions opportunities in Europe.