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Mission Accomplished: Christmas in Romania





In the face of all travel restrictions, EI assembled a small team of courageous men and women to hand-wrapped Christmas gifts to 500 impoverished Roma (Gypsy) children. 



Coming Up: Romania Outreach in January



For our 15th consecutive year, EI is ministering in Romanian villages to bless the poor and strengthen the local church to set the ostracized Roma (Gypsy) people free from theri spiritual captivity. To join, send us an email, and click below to see last year’s amazing video:


Battling Hopelessness in Greece






Staff members Greg Strange and Devin Grome ministered in a refugee camp on the island of Lesbos, feeding, washing, teaching and ministering to thousands of refugees alongside a dedicated ministry partner. Praise God for our local partners!

Christmas at the Doorstep





The EI staff  is currently handing out early corona care packages as early Christmas gifts in 3 nations: Belarus, Hungary and Germany. A great opportunity to bring the gospel straight to their front door!


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