Another Child Church

June 4, 2024 - June 13, 2024


About this Trip

Another Child, a compassionate and dedicated organization, is preparing for an impactful journey in the magnificent city of Prague, Czech Republic. With a heart for connecting with the local community, Another Child plans to meet with local churches and embark on urban outreaches in the city centers. By partnering with local churches, they aim to create a network of support, encouragement, and shared resources, all with the common goal of reaching out to the lost and forgotten. In the bustling city centers of Prague, Another Child will embark on urban outreaches, driven by a deep desire to touch lives. Through acts of kindness, provision of resources, and genuine care, Another Child aspires to exemplify the love and compassion of Christ, seeing God, touch the lives of those they encounter. Their dedication to reaching the lost, blessing the poor, and partnering with local churches promises to create a powerful ripple effect of transformation and love within the beautiful city of Prague.

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