Utter Desperation

Monday, March 7th 2016

I was moved by the extreme need I saw in Romania. The people’s despair led to my own and caused me to realize…read more

Breaking Barriers

Monday, February 1st 2016

My service with EI’s SURGE program was an unforgettable experience and one that profoundly impacted…read more

A Dream Come True

Wednesday, December 16th 2015

Sharing Jesus’ love through the performing arts is one of the best ways to touch a person’s heart…read more

A Change of Plans

Friday, November 20th 2015

Have you ever wanted to go one way and then have God redirect your steps? That is what happened to me…read more

Life Givers

Tuesday, November 10th 2015

Europe is a continent that is void of the presence of God. No God equals no life and that must change…read more

I am not ready!

Wednesday, September 2nd 2015

Sharing the Gospel with others is not about feeling comfortable or ready. Instead it is about…read more